Top 10 Things to Not Do in Marrakech

Top 10 Things to Not Do in Marrakech

Top 10 Things to Not Do in Marrakech

Top 10 Things to not Do in Marrakech is a captivating destination that offers a variety of attractions and activities for all types of visitors.

 Despite the fact that this exotic and vibrant city attracts a broad variety of visitors with varying budgets and interests, there are certain things that travelers should avoid in order to have a wonderful vacation.

A journey to Marrakech is filled with exotic sights, noises, scents, and flavors. Keep a few dos and don’ts in mind if you’re visiting this Moroccan destination in order to prevent the inevitable overload.

Here are the most top 10 Things to not Do in Marrakech:

1. Don’t Get Taken by a Street Guide

You will come across a variety of hospitable, ready-to-assist locals eager to show you around. The majority, however, are opportunistic scammers.

 It is best to avoid these street guides, as they can be intimidating and persistent.

2. Avoid Being Swindled by Taxi Drivers

Plenty of drivers overcharge travelers with non-meter-based fees. When entering a taxi, you must appear assured and knowledgeable. 

This “taxi mafia” will take advantage of you if you are too accommodating. You do not wish to appear impolite or to insinuate that you are suspicious of them.

3. Don’t Pay the First Price Offered

Third on our list of 10 things to avoid in Marrakech is paying the first price offered. Morocco is known for its vibrant souks (local markets) that offer a variety of goods. 

From traditional apparel and footwear to spices, lamps, tea sets, and leather products, Morocco’s souks are a veritable treasure trove. 

It is difficult to refrain from stocking up on souvenirs and gifts to bring home. Actually, prices are reasonable, but only if you recall to negotiate.

 In Morocco, haggling is a significant aspect of commerce, and vendors set inflated starting prices with the expectation that the final price will be reduced.

 There is no firm and fast rule regarding how much to pay, but it is essential to negotiate any price.

4. Don’t Wear Babouche on a Busy Walking Day

Among the must-buy items in the souks of Marrakesh are the multicolored traditional Moroccan footwear known as babouche. 

It takes several uses for the shoes to conform to your foot and become comfortable. Therefore, it is not advisable to wear brand-new shoes on a busy day.

5. Don’t Feed the Snake Charmers

They will demand payment to remove the snake from your neck or encourage you to take a photograph. Once you accept it, the cost can be exorbitant. Try to avoid interacting with these snake charmers, or be prepared for aggressive sales tactics.

6. Don’t Shop Without Change

Although there are ATMs in Marrakesh and credit cards are accepted at upscale hotels and restaurants, this is primarily a cash-based society. 

Keep change on you, as “sorry, I don’t have change” is a common sales tactic used by souk merchants and taxi drivers.

7. Don’t Forget You’re in a Muslim Country

Respecting the culture of the host country is essential. No one is requiring you to don a headscarf or participate in Islamic practices.

 Morocco is a moderate nation. Nevertheless, it is prudent to dress conservatively. Keeping this in mind will prevent women from inviting unwelcome sexual harassment.

8. Don’t Leave the Immigration Paperwork to the Last Minute

Please note that you will be required to complete immigration forms upon arrival and departure.

 The paperwork is straightforward, but immigration lines at this relatively small airport can be lengthy, so complete your paperwork in advance.

9. Don’t Forget to Learn a Little French or Arabic

Before you arrive, take the time to acquire some essential phrases in French or Arabic. The effectiveness of pleasantries in placing people at ease is substantial. 

Most will be impressed by your efforts to speak their language. Google some fundamentals before you leave.

10. Don’t Let Your Guard Down

Last on our list of 10 things to avoid in Marrakech is letting your guard down. It takes courage to navigate the streets, squares, and disorienting lanes of the Marrakech medina,

 and you should always keep your senses about you. 

For the uninitiated, the hubbub of street life can be overpowering. It is essential to schedule leisure each day, such as a hammam cleaning, in order to relax.

We have created an exceptional selection of day excursions and desert journeys departing from Marrakech, which are now available for booking. Contact us today to discover the appropriate desert tour or day excursion for you.

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Top Tourist Attractions In Morocco

Top Tourist Attractions In Morocco

Top Tourist Attractions In Morocco

Morocco is an incredibly popular tourist destination, with a large number of tourists touring the country throughout the year…It is a virgin bit of land filled with charm and adventure. However, have you ever thought about which ten destinations in Morocco are the most popular?
Whether you are a foreign traveler, a Moroccan citizen, or a beauty devotee, this guide will help you locate the best tourist attractions in Morocco and encourage you to embark on the greatest experience ever.


Moroccan Activities

The Medina of Marrakech is a busy center that connects vast numbers of natives and international tourists. An extensive square named “Djemma el-fna” serves as the city’s entrance. The square is overrun with visitors and vendors roaming together in every cranny. Traditional musicians are trailing the so-called snake charmers as they perform their intimate verses.
Life is so congested, vibrant, and loud! It is a worthwhile undertaking.

Do you desire more information about it? Explore the souks, traditional stores, and vendors of street cuisine. It is nothing but paradise!


7 days Imperial cities tour from Casablanca

Fes is regarded as one of the most spectacular destinations and top attractions! The name of the ancient city is Fes el Bali. It is one of the city’s aesthetic secrets that the old city resembles a maze of tunnels where foreigners can easily become disoriented. The locals frequently serve as guides for tourists seeking direction in the historic district.


11 Days From Tangier Desert Tour

This destination is situated in the gorgeous Rif mountain range. It’s the blue heritage’s greatest treasure! The roadways are extremely confined and linked. All of the city’s walls are painted light blue, and this is the greatest attraction for tourists who visit to take photographs in every nook and cranny. It is a wonderful site to renew your energy and take a long breath to relax due to its simplicity and tranquility.


Top Tourist Attractions In Morocco

Tanger city has a rich cultural heritage that extends back centuries. This explains why so many tourists visit this city to investigate its rich cultural heritage. It has been described by numerous occidental authors and served as an inspiration for others.


6 days From Tangier to Marrakech Via Desert

This Kasbah-like structure represents yet another charming location. It is most well-known for its orange color and has hosted numerous cultural campaigns and celebrations. In the meantime, it has been selected by film producers as a location for filming.


Morocco Travel Safety?

This mosque, located in Casablanca, the largest city in Morocco, is a national landmark ranked among the finest on an international scale. 10000 artisans contributed to the interior design of the mosque. The marbles are meticulously and beautifully carved to reflect all aspects of Moroccan, Muslim, and Arab design.
It is a very tall structure surrounded by legendary settings and very near to the frontier. So that when people are performing their daily prayers inside the mosque, they can see the water and submerge into Allah’s miraculous creations.


Top Tourist Attractions In Morocco

It is a very peaceful area that has some distance from the city center. With white and light-blue wall paint, the room has a remarkable appearance. It is extremely modest, tidy, and well-organized, giving the city a particularly endearing appearance. The homes are adorned with vegetation and flowers, and everything here is in harmony…People are so humble, hospitable, and cordial…Despite its modest size, it is considered a must-see destination.


3 days Marrakech to desert tour

If you are an inquisitive history investigator, this is the place for you. It is abundant in Roman traces, temples, and ruins. Visitors are confronted with remnants of previous empires.
Due to its location on an elevation, the ruin’s significance surpasses that of other city areas. This appealing site is easily accessible from Fez and Meknes.


Top Tourist Attractions In Morocco

Another interesting location for aesthetic enthusiasts…It is also the preferred refuge of travelers. Its summit is blanketed in dense layers of snow. The location appears to be a natural place where one can delight themselves!


Morocco Travel Blog

Yet another interesting mystery with a very captivating past. It is a massive gateway located at the entrance to the city of Meknes that is incredibly ornately decorated to depict the Sultan’s rule.

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Morocco Travel Safety? Morocco Travel Blog Morocco Travel Safety? Morocco is a gorgeous country located in northern Africa, across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain.

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10 Motives to Visit Morocco

10 Motives to Visit Morocco

10 Motives to Visit Morocco

10 Motives to Visit Morocco

The Kingdom of Morocco is one of the continent’s most popular tourism destinations due to its unique blend of landscapes, culture, history, and gastronomy. The following are the leading tourist attractions in Morocco.

10 Motives to Visit Morocco

Imperial Cities

There are several imperial cities in Morocco, including Fez, Meknes, Marrakesh, and Rabat. The latter is the current capital and home to many historical sites, but Marrakesh is Morocco’s most popular tourist destination. Jama Al-Afna, the Al-Khabiya Mosque, the Bahia Palace, and numerous other traditional markets are the most well-known of the Red City’s numerous distinctive tourist and historical attractions.

Magnificent Architecture

Mosques and Riyadh, a hotel-like edifice, exemplify Morocco’s architectural diversity. Many buildings feature traditional tilework known as glazing, as well as artistic embellishments and plaster. The most noteworthy structures in Morocco are the Hassan II Mosque in Casablanca, the Saadians Cemetery in Marrakech, the Great Mosque in Tangier, and the University of the Villagers in Fez.

A Community That Welcomes Visitors

Morocco is recognized as one of the most tolerant countries in North Africa. The nation is generally secure and politically stable. The people of Morocco are known for their hospitality and friendliness, and while they may be inquisitive about foreign travelers at times, they do their best to respect their privacy. As a former French colony, French is widely used; in renowned tourism areas, English is also widely spoken; and communication is rarely a problem for tourists, including those who speak Berber dialects.

If you are a New Zealander who has been considering a trip to Morocco in the near future, this guide is for you. Morocco is a mesmerizing nation with a wide variety of landscapes and cultures. As a New Zealander visiting Morocco, you’re in for a real delight! New flavors, aromas, and experiences await you. We are aware that planning can be intimidating for newcomers who are unfamiliar with the country. Not to fear, however, because this article is all about this! This is comprehensive instruction on how to travel from New Zealand to Morocco in the most comfortable conditions, so buckle up!

Traditional markets ( Souks)

Every significant city and municipality in Morocco has at least one market, including traditional markets where residents can buy a range of tools. In some regions, the market appears on specific days of the week, whereas in others, it is open throughout the week, and nearly everything, including clothing, fragrances, fruits, and many others, is sold.

Delicious Cuisine

Moroccan cuisine is extremely popular around the entire world, and it is a delicious dish that offers a variety of options. Meats such as lamb, cattle, and poultry are frequently used in Moroccan cuisine. In coastal regions, seafood and fish are notably prevalent, and sardines are among the most common. Couscous, tajin, basil, bisara, and brochette are the most popular Moroccan dishes.

Berber (AMAZIGH) culture

Morocco’s population consists of Berbers and other ethnic groups, each of which contributes to the country’s traditions and culture. In addition to Islamic architecture, many Moroccan city structures also feature French, Portuguese, and Spanish influences from the colonial period. The culture of Morocco varies from region to region, with the east and south possibly having the most distinctive traditions.

The Diverse Mountains

There are three distinct mountain ranges in the Moroccan Atlas, including the Grand Atlas and the Middle Atlas. Each offers a diversity of long-distance trekking opportunities for hikers of all experience and skill levels. The most prominent destination in the Atlas Mountains is Topcat, the highest peak in Morocco, which is located in the Grand Atlas not far from Marrakesh.

Wonderful beaches

All of Morocco’s Mediterranean and Atlantic coast resorts offer amazing opportunities for relaxation. Tangier and Akadir are popular tourist destinations with foreign visitors, whereas the original attracts primarily local residents and visitors. Even though there are relatively few international visitors to beaches, there are a significant number of local tourists, particularly in the summer.

Unique accommodation

Morocco offers accommodations for all budgets and levels of comfort, ranging from luxurious five-star hotels to wild yurt sites. Traditional Moroccan lodging, known as Riyadh, is available to visitors, typically in ancient cities such as Marrakech and Meknes, and is one of the finest experiences a tourist can have in Morocco.

Easy travel to the Sahara region

Morocco is home to a massive expanse of the arid Sahara. There are a number of locations in Morocco where exploratory journeys to the desert can be initiated, and there are many individuals with expertise in this field who offer excursions for a fee. Multiple modes of travel are available, including strolling, riding camels or animals, riding bicycles, and driving SUVs.

If you follow this guide, getting to Morocco from any part of this wonderful world and planning an enjoyable holiday there should be relatively straightforward. Plan your next trip to Morocco immediately by reserving a tour today. Aside from that, we hope you enjoyed this 10 Motives to Visit Morocco article and found it helpful. Check out our other blog posts for similar guides and articles about Morocco, or contact us for more information about travelling to Morocco!

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Morocco Travel Safety?

Morocco Travel Safety? Morocco Travel Blog Morocco Travel Safety? Morocco is a gorgeous country located in northern Africa, across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain.

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Morocco Travel Safety?

Morocco Travel Safety?

Morocco Travel Safety?

Morocco Travel Safety?

Morocco is a gorgeous country located in northern Africa, across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain. Morocco has become a popular tourist destination due to its breathtaking landscapes, wealthy culture, and lively cities. However, is Morocco safe? Are there dangers to which travelers should be alert? In this article, we will reveal the truth about Morocco’s safety and address your concerns. Is Morocco safe? What are Morocco’s safety regulations? Is Morocco secure for female tourists? And what are the advantages of visiting Morocco?

About Morocco

This country is a North African country bounded to the south by the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, and Algeria and Western Sahara. It has a population of about 34 million people and is a popular tourist destination for visitors from all over the globe. Morocco has something for everyone, with its various landscapes ranging from the snow-capped Atlas Mountains to the sweeping sands of the Sahara desert. The nation is also known for its dynamic culture, which includes delicious food and traditional music, as well as lively towns like Marrakesh and Casablanca.

What You Should Know About Moroccan Safety

When it comes to safety in Morocco, it’s important to be aware of risk factors and know what to do to avoid them. While Morocco is usually regarded as a secure place for tourists, it is nevertheless necessary to be aware of the possible threats. Before travelling to Morocco, be sure to investigate the safety guidelines and regulations, get acquainted with local traditions, and have an emergency plan in place.

What Are Morocco's Safety Regulations?

When visiting Morocco, it is important to follow the safety guidelines to guarantee a safe and pleasurable journey. Here are some of the most critical security measures to take:

Morocco crime rate

Although the crime rate in Morocco is relatively low, it is still essential to take safety precautions. Pickpocketing and other forms of burglary are the most prevalent types of crime in the United States, so it is necessary to be aware of your surroundings and protect your valuables. Additionally, it is wise to avoid strolling alone at night, as doing so increases the likelihood of becoming a victim of crime.

What Local Customs Exist in Morocco?

To guarantee your protection, you must familiarise yourself with the local customs in Morocco. The dress code is the most essential custom to be aware of. As Morocco is a Muslim country, respectful clothing is essential, particularly when visiting mosques and other religious sites. Men should not wear skirts, and women ought to cover their shoulders and ankles.

Respect for religious sites is another essential custom that must be taken into account. It is essential to be respectful when visiting mosques or other religious sites and to refrain from taking photographs or engaging in other disrespectful behavior.

Is Morocco a Safe Destination for Women?

The country of Morocco is largely regarded as a secure destination for women travelers, but it is essential to take additional safety precautions. Women should avoid strolling alone at night and, if practicable, should travel in groups. Additionally, it is essential to wear modestly and be mindful of your surroundings.

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Morocco Travel Safety?

Morocco Travel Safety? Morocco Travel Blog Morocco Travel Safety? Morocco is a gorgeous country located in northern Africa, across the Strait of Gibraltar from Spain.

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